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MCC maintains Malawi Power supply dateline

Acting CEO AND Pres. Mutharika

The Millennium Challenge Corporation says its multi billion Kwacha Millennium challenge compact grant to the government of Malawi remains set for completion in September next year.

Acting Chief Executive Officer for the Corporation Jonathan Nash disclosed this on Monday after an audience with President Professor Arthur Peter in New York in the United States of America. This was one among several engagements that Professor Mutharika is expected to have before, during and after this year’s United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Said the acting CEO, “We have a five year programme. Government has made tremendous successes. We have one year left but there is a lot of work to do.”

Nash who could not disclose what will follow for Malawi after the completion of the current US$350 million initiative went on to express hope for the successful completion of the nearly 200 billion Kwacha initiative by its set deadline in 2018.

“There is deep commitment from both parties – MCC and the government of Malawi to finish this program with success”, he concluded.

The audience with Nash is one among many by President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika lined up official engagements before, during and after the week long annual General Assembly at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is a bilateral United States foreign aid agency. It is based on the principle that aid is most effective when it enhances good governance. In Malawi, the single-sector program is designed to contribute to Malawi’s efforts in reducing poverty through increased access to reliable electric power.

Among other things, it has so far placed some significant focus on areas such as rehabilitation of Nkula hydro power plant, and installation of transmission and distribution lines. The five year project started in September 2013.

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RFP to hold International Grand Conference on Combining Spiritual and Academic Excellence

Press briefing

Raised For a Purpose Ministries (RFPM) says it will hold the annual International Grand Conference on Combining Spiritual and Academic Excellence (IGCSAE) on Saturday, the 30th Of September 2017, at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC), Lilongwe, Malawi.

Senior Pastor Aubrey told a press briefing on Tuesday at the Tent of His Love and Glory (TLG) that the full day conference complements Government’s effort of increasing national development through adding intellectual value to the residents of the country.

“With a thorough appreciation of the diverse challenges faced by this country, and having read both the Vision 2020 goals and the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS); it is quite evident that the Government [current and future] cannot singlehandedly achieve all these goals without the continual support and efforts from non- governmental bodies of which the Church is a part” said Pastor Aubrey.

He explained “We believe that if we can increase the individual success and excellence of the people that will attend this conference, then we can in turn increase the success and excellence of the country at large” adding “this is because the people that will attend this conference are the same people that hold different positions in Government and private sector, while some are students that will soon hold these same positions of influence in Government or private sector”.

Pastor Aubrey addressing the media

Explaining how the conference aims to achieve the outlined goals, Pastor Aubrey said the IGCSAE is a 2-in-1 Conference comprising a Combining Spiritual and Academic Excellence Conference as well as the Combining Spiritual and Career Excellence Conference

“The Combining Spiritual and Academic Excellence Conference aims at teaching intellectuals at any level of education, be it certificate, degree, or PDH, on how to not only to pass in their academics but also to attain excellent or outstanding results. From previous conferences held, we have had countless testimonies of how people moved not only from failing to passing, but even to become credit and distinction students”

Pastor Aubrey further pointed out the Combining Spiritual and Career Excellence Conference as a newly introduced segment to the IGCSAE initiative. This segment aims at drawing the attention of professionals and entrepreneurs to the fact that academic success does not automatically translate to success in employment or in entrepreneurship. There are other principles that need to be applied.

Speakers at the conference are Pastor Aubrey and Maria Mhlandire. He said the speakers have been chosen to ensure practical and relevant information.

Mhlandire, an expert presenter is a highly academically qualified with vast experience and has achieved outstanding results in employment and entrepreneurship.

Before moving to fulltime entrepreneurship, Maria accumulated 16 years’ experience in various corporate executive management roles, including being the Former Africa Region Head of Corporate Innovation and Skills for DHL Global. She then founded her consultancy firm called “Accelerate Africa” which provides consultancy services both in Africa and beyond.

Pastor Aubrey then told journalist’s that another highlight of this conference are the annual CSAE Awards.

“These awards are for those that have demonstrated a sound Christian life while at the same time attaining outstanding results in their academics. Applications are being received from all around the world and from these; a select 3 will be awarded with winners going away with valuable prizes plus CSAE branded materials”

“It is also worth mentioning that this conference is international and will host delegates from different countries around the world and districts around Malawi. It will be streamed LIVE worldwide to all those that have registered. Last year, it was streamed by people from over 50 countries of the world; this year we expect more”. He added.

Clarifying on monetary issues, Pastor Aubrey said the event is free to all though attendance is strictly by registration.

“However, having it free does not mean it is a Project financed or affiliated to any organisation or donor as some people have attempted to mislead others” said the Pastor.

He categorically said the finances for the event are coming from church resources. Despite not giving the figures publicly, estimates run up to 10 million Kwacha.

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