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Malawi to regulate drones

The Department of Civil Aviation-DCA is to draft Aviation Regulations to facilitate the integration of unmanned aircrafts also known as drones into the national airspace.

Public Relations Officer of the Aviation Department, James Chakwera said the regulations will bring sanity in the operation of drones in various fields.

“You may be aware that drones are one of the new technological advancements in the country. Like any other country in Africa, we are overwhelmed by the new development, we believe the use of these drones is not well monitored. We have also discovered that there is no order in the way people use drones in the country,” he said.

Chakwera was quick to point out that the regulations that government is formulating will not at any point hamper any developmental activity that drones do.

“It is true that these drones are helpful in various developmental works like health. You might be aware that UNICEF did a pilot project on these drones by using them to transfer blood samples in the rural areas while others use them to take pictures in places they can’t reach.

“However despite all these roles that drone plays, we have discovered that it can pause a threat to the community and to normal aircrafts. For instance, if you put a camera on the drone and fly it without proper procedure, it might infringe on other people’s privacy”, He added

The government of Malawi has already drafted the regulations on the use and operation of drones with the funding from UNICEF and is currently soliciting input from the public.

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